District D - Dr. Ollibeth Reddix

Ollibeth ReddixDr. Ollibeth Reddix is a general dentist, motivational speaker and local politician. She graduated from St. Frederick High School where she served as co-salutatorian. She graduated with a BA in Chemistry from Case Western Reserve of Cleveland, Ohio and earned her DDS from UCLA School of Dentistry in 1979. Her journey led her back home where she practiced with her father until his retirement in 1999. As her mentor, her father (as well as her mother) taught by example that love of the community was paramount in the life of a servant. She shared her love by becoming a local minister, co-founding Southside Christian Academy, established two Boys Mentoring groups called Omenala and Project ESTEEM and finally by becoming a Police Juror.
She operates a full service dental clinic with an attached dental lab. She has trained extensively and added to her practice orthodontics, implantology and cosmetic dentistry. In 2012, she traveled to South America where she continued her training in implantology. Her goal is to make top level dentistry available to the average person. She believes in Stem Cell dentistry as well as common sense dentistry. Her motto “Special Care for Special People”.

In 2009, she was elected as a Police Juror of Ouachita Parish and serves as Juror for District D where her objective is to enhance her community through economic Development, Beautification and fostering Corporate Endeavors between Ouachita Parish , Monroe and the town of Richwood for positive growth and stability. Her political motto is “Committed to Serve”.
As a Juror, she believes her role is not only the enhancement of vital infrastructure such as roads, drainages and bridges but investing in the most valuable asset of Ouachita Parish: the citizens, themselves. Framed with this reference , she sees her priority as forming alliances with all Educational Institutions, both Chambers, Municipalities, the Military ,Work-force Investment and NOVA to create a supply of well trained work-force to met the high end demands of businesses who have invested or will invest in Ouachita Parish. She is proud to serve as a Juror where the team approach best serves Ouachita Parish through a well defined check and balance system. 

Dr. Ollibeth Reddix, D.D.S.