Section 8

Ouachita Parish Police Jury operates the HUD assisted Tenant Voucher Program for its residents throughout Ouachita Parish. Families with income below 50% of the area median income and a few specific categories of families with income up to 80% of the area median income are eligible to participate. These will include families that are already assisted under the 1937 US Housing Act, such as families physically displace by public housing demolition, and owners opting out of project base section eight housing assistance payment (HAP) contracts. HUD determines median income levels for each area annually.

The (PHA) housing authority determines if a family's income is eligible by comparing the family's annual income (gross income) with the established very low-income limit for the area. The gross income cannot exceed this amount.

      Families may apply at the (PHA) Ouachita Parish Housing at the time applications are accepted. Once a family completes an application, the application will be placed on the waiting list. When the family's name reaches the top of the waiting list, a housing choice voucher will be issued to the family. After the (PHA) issues the family a voucher, it is the responsibility of the family to locate housing with the (PHA'S) jurisdiction based on the family's need. The family's need is determine by the number of household members and their ages. The (PHA) determines the correct size unit for there needs.

     Legal Notice: Two Developers were selected for the Project-Based Voucher(PBV) for Ouachita Parish Housing. The two Developers were Sandal Family Apartments, L.P. and E-M Miller Roy Developement LLC. An Equal Opportunity Employer/ Program. Auxilary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.