The Green Oaks Juvenile Detention Center is located on four acres that was donated to the Ouachita Parish Police Jury at 4820 South Grand Street, in Monroe, Louisiana.

Green Oaks has a capacity of 60. The center has two units for males with 22 single cells. One unit of eight single cells is designated for females. Each unit has a day room area.

The facility has a self-contained kitchen and laundry facility. These facilities were sized to accommodate a capacity of 100.

Green Oaks has three classrooms for schooling and a computer lab. The Ouachita Parish School Board and the Monroe City School System supplies one teacher for each.

The center is equipped with electrically locked doors throughout. They are operated from a central control center. The facility has administrative offices, a nurse's station, an intake area, and other staff offices.

Philosophy and Purpose:
The Green Oaks Juvenile Detention Center functions in three distinct but very related areas of service-the child, the court, and the community.

Section 408 of Public 92-255 provides absolute confidentiality of records that contain information about juveniles.