Communications Division

The Ouachita Parish Fire Communication System is an essential part of Ouachita Parish Fire and EMS Defenses. The system speeds response and plays a key role in guiding department activities. Three main functions of the system are:

1. It receives alarms from the public and directs them to the appropriate fire/EMS units and personnel.
2. It is a method of exchanging information between personnel at the scene and the communication center.

3. Superiors use the system to get information from subordinates and then direct fire-ground or EMS operations.


The Ouachita Parish Fire Communication Center is equipped with Computer-aided Dispatch System, HTE National Fire Incident Reporting System developed by the United States Fire Administration and touch screen Zetron Dispatch System. We tone out and dispatch on two channels at one time as a back up in case one channel is not working. Our communication center is one of the most up to date centers in the State of Louisiana.

The Ouachita Parish Tele-communicator duties are:

1. Receive calls and dispatch appropriate units (Ouachita Parish; West Monroe City)

2. Fill out all Fire and EMS Reports.

3. Complete reports and confirm with State Police in Baton Rouge on all Haz-Mat spills and leaks in Ouachita Parish.

4. Help Superiors run normal everyday duties.

5. Maintain personnel rosters of all employees on duty.