Treasurer's Mission Statement

      The Treasurer’s Department will strive to assure that the parish is accountable to its citizens and to the state and federal governments. In order to accomplish this task, we will:

1. Maintain an accurate and timely record of all parish transactions in accordance with applicable state and federal laws.
2. Make available for inspection all parish transactions and reports.
3. Timely submit state and federal tax and grant reports.
4. Safeguard the assets of the parish.
5. Update policies and procedures on an ongoing basis in order to meet the demands of state and federal regulations, technology, and the needs of the citizens.
6. Assist the various departments and taxing districts in:
     a. Budget preparation.
     b. Demonstrating to the citizens how the tax benefits their lives.
     c. Explaining what services that the tax provides.
     d. Reporting how effectively and efficiently the tax is used.

Bradley N. Cammack, CPA