2018 UHC Benefit Summary

2018 UHC Prescription Drug List

How can I find out if my doctor is in the United HealthCare network?

You can follow the steps below to look online for In-Network Providers:

  1. https://connect.werally.com/plans/uhc/1
  2. Choose your plan:  Heritage Plus
  3. **Make sure the zip code at the top shows 71203 or your zip code**
  4. You can either search by your providers name in the search box, or click on a Category (People, Places, …) to search by category (cardiologist, etc..)


Vantage Health Plan

Vantage Customer Service:  318-361-0900

2017 Vantage Cost Share Schedule

Vantage Online Provider Search 
**It is the employee's responsibility to verify if a physician is in the Vantage Network.  Employee's can contact Vantage Health Plan at 318-361-0900 to verify in-network physicians and benefits.**

Vantage Online Tier II Provider
Contact Vantage Health Plan at 318-361-0900 for more information.

Prescription Drug List  updated as of March 2017
St. John Pharmacy Tier 1 $0 Co-Pay Prescription List  updated for 2017
St. John Pharmacy Diabetic Supplies Program  updated for 2017


Vantage Online Member Portal
**Employees can view claims, authorizations and digital documents.  Sign up with your Vantage ID Card.**

MetLife Dental
Dental Information ID Card
2017 Dental Benefit Summary

In-Network Dentists (as of 4/24/2017)
MetLife Dental Certificate of Coverage

Guardian VSP Vision
Guardian Information ID Card
2017 Vision Benefit Summary

In-Network Eye Doctors (as of 5/5/2017)
Guardian Vision Certificate of Coverage

For Out-Of-Network Vision Claims, please contact Brett Cloyd at 322-8430.

Life Insurance
MetLife Supplemental Life
Supplemental Life Certificate of Insurance

MetLife Basic Life
Basic Life Certificate of Insurance


AFLAC supplemental insurance provides an additional level of financial protection for yourself and your family in the event of a serious accident or illness.  

Coverages available: Cancer, Intensive Care, Specified Event, Hospital Advantage, Accident/Disability, Short-Term Disability, and Whole Life policies.

For more information, contact Brett Cloyd at 322-8430.

AFLAC product flyer