Origin of 9-1-1 Service

      The concept of an easy to remember emergency number began in England just before the Second World War.  In 1958, this concept was introduced to the United States by the International Association of Fire Chiefs.  This shortcut to emergency services was recognized as an important public safety innovation.

      In 1968, the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement recommended the establishment of an emergency number for that purpose and the numbers “9-1-1” were reserved by AT&T for that intent.  Five years later the Office of Telecommunications Policy issued a national policy statement recognizing the benefits of 9-1-1 and encouraging nationwide adoption of the number.

9-1-1 Implementation in Ouachita Parish

      The residents of Ouachita Parish voted to establish enhanced 9-1-1 in Ouachita Parish in November 1986.  In order to fund 9-1-1 service, a surcharge was placed on each resident’s telephone bill.  The voters approved a 5% surcharge, but a 3% surcharge has been an adequate funding source to date.  The 3% surcharge equates to about $ .30 for residential telephone customers and about $1.40 for business customers.  In 2001 a State Law created a $.85 surcharge on wireless customers.  In 2010 an additional law was passed to collect a 2% fee on prepaid wireless services. These three revenue sources fund the equipment and personnel that operate the 9-1-1 System.